Steve Hines at Disney during EPCOT


Steve Hines at Disney during EPCOT


at WED Enterprises, Glendale, CA during the 1980-1984 development of EPCOT Center


Steve Hines with good friend, Mickey Mouse, April 17, 1982




The Imagination Pavilion, sponsored by Eastman Kodak.  Steve proposed and designed several show ideas including the kaleidoscopic tunnel, magnifying mirrors, and the idea of colors following a guest through a tunnel.








Steve designed flight simulator with infinity optics, considered for use at EPCOT, October 1982.




Steve Hines, engineer and designer of the dual-camera 3-D camera rig, working 7 days/week, 1981.  The rig was used to shoot “Magic Journeys“, “Captain Eo“, and “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience“.


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