Keystone-Correcting Flex Lens

Keystone-Correcting Flex Lens


Manufacturing License Available

      For multi-screen projection where images must be aligned without keystoning.  Keystone prevention is especially important when projecting 3-D images with parallel side-by-side projectors to slide one image over the other.  

      The lens allows the image to be shifted vertically and horizontally using three spring-steel legs, to maintain parallelism between the barrel and lens.  

     The inner lens barrel can be held against the adjustment screws with (1) a leaf spring trapped between the inner and outer barrels, (2) a coiled tension spring attached at both ends to the outer barrel, and looped around the inner barrel, or (3) by pre-loading the three legs with a spring force.

Hines’ lab notebook #1 entry:

p. 83

      This is a technology announcement and license offer.  This is not a product being offered for sale.  HinesLab seeks a licensee for the Keystone-Correcting Flex Lens.  Interested manufacturers, please contact Steve Hines at:

HinesLab, Inc.
Glendale, California, USA
ph. 818-507-5812