Flex Lens

Image-Position Flex Lens


The Flex Lens allows dual-projector 3-D and multi-projector images to be aligned precisely for keystone correction.  


      The Flex Lens, uses spring-steel legs, like a three-dimensional parallelogram to allow the screen image to be shifted vertically and horizontally for perfect image alignment.  

      This replaces the heavy conventional keystone-correction lens with sliding inner optics, and also expensive rack-over lens supports for 3D movie projectors.


Hines’ lab notebook #1 entry, p. 83:



      This is a technology announcement and license offer.  This is not a product being offered for sale.  HinesLab is actively seeking a licensee for the Flex Lens.  Please contact Steve Hines at:





email: Steve@HinesLab.com

Phone: 818-507-5812