VW Van Conversion

VW Van Conversion



4th-year School of Design project by Steve Hines


Assignment: Adapt a VW bus to provide sleeping and storage space for two couples and a small child.



• While driving:  Two bench seats face the conversation area in the back.  The rear-most area, beside the closet, is heavily padded for a small child.

• At night:  The wall-mounted table and seat backrests hinge up to form the upper twin bed.  The lower twin bed is made by straightening out the forward-facing rear seat, which is split and could be used in a combination seat and single bed.  The child is given the bed made from the rear-facing seat cushion.


Cardboard model of proposed layout.
Removing old interior of VW bus.
Installing new interior.



Class presentation to Prof. Harry Macke in white shirt.
Steve Hines wearing clothes matching the interior, for the presentation.
Helper, ready for the beach.


      The design provided maximum flexibility for the occupants.  A closet was fitted to the right-rear wall (not shown), leaving room for the padded child’s area.  Note the split seat (lower-right photo) allowing one half to be used as a bed while the other half of the seat could be used as shown.  Sliding curtains provide privacy at night.


      This project is shown only as an example of past industrial design.  HinesLab currently offers consulting in the area of industrial design, novel engineering solutions as well as a variety of licensable technology.

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