Subject-Labeling Video Camera

Subject-Labeling Video Camera


     Some televised events, such as the President’s State of the Union address and awards ceremonies use cameras on stage to show people in the audience.  Currently, to show the name of someone in the audience, someone in the control room must identify them and type their name into a computer.  This process is slow, prone to error, and is impossible during a panning shot. 
     The approach described here senses the unique combination of pan and tilt angles for tight shots on each audience member, and displays the names from a computer look-up table.  


      The system can also work in reverse, useful at awards ceremonies.  When the emcee calls out “And the winner is ____” several things happen almost simultaneously:  
(1) Speech-recognition software finds the name in a look-up table.
(2) The camera pans and tilts to that position.
(3) The camera zooms and focuses for that head position.
(4) The name is displayed on the screen.  
      In an enhanced version, face-recognition software can identify the person on camera and automatically display the name on the screen. 


Steve Hines’ notebook pages for this concept:

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