Spherical Imaging System


Spherical Imaging System


      A project by Steve Hines with contributions from Bob Buck, both fourth-year School of Design students at North Carolina State University.  One, two, three-point, and even cylindrical perspective imaging systems were well known.  Steve set out to extend the capabilities of perspective systems by developing a camera and projection system to record and play back the entire surrounding space for the viewer.

Hines-Spherical-Imaging-01-camera Spherical-Imaging-02-movie
      A 16mm movie camera photographs reflections of the surround from a hemispherical reflector.         The reflected image captures the entire surrounding space.  The top half in the center.  The lower half, from the horizon down, in the outer rim.


      The image is projected onto the reflector just above the viewer’s head, and is reflected out to the screen where the surrounding space is reconstructed in the original relationship.


      Steve Hines, left, holds the brace used to hang the dome projection screen.  Bob Buck, center, holds spars used to form the screen’s shape.  Right: the completed spherical screen and 16mm movie projector mounted to the top of a classroom wall.


      This is not a product for sale.  This project is shown only as an example of innovation by Steve Hines.  HinesLab currently offers consulting in the area of industrial design, novel solutions to your problems as well as a variety of licensable technology.


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