Skin X-Ray Device


Skin X-Ray Device



      Sometimes, splinters, metal filings, shards of glass, fiberglas, insect stingers, buckshot, etc. get lodged in someone's skin and it would be useful for a radiologist to locate the material before operating.  This is a concept for a device which can be rolled along the skin allowing an X-ray to be made of the tissue just below the skin surface.  The procedure is non-invasive, and may be painless.  The device can be small enough to be hand held and can be pushed manually across the skin or can be motorized to maintain a constant speed.  The drive roller pulls (in the motorized version) the device along the skin and forms a protrusion on the backside which is gently pinched against the idler roller to provide tissue between the X-ray source and moving film, for a scanned image.

Skin-Xray-2-400p Skin-Xray-3-400p

      The depth of the tissue being X-rayed (from the surface to the neutral axis) depends on the density of the tissue, and is determined by relative speed of the film is moved past the "slit".  The spacing of the idler roller relative to the forward drive roller is adjusted for the density of the skin and tissue.  The image on the film is a linear scan of the tissue at a controllable distance below the surface of the skin.


      This is not a product for sale.  This project is shown only as an example of past innovation that you may expect on a consulting basis.  To discuss licensable technologies or consulting, please contact Steve Hines at:

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