Moire Signs

Moiré Signs




      Moiré signage, designed as attention-getting advertising at bus stops, kiosks, store fronts and malls, airports and train stations.  The sign’s floating pattern seems to move with each individual viewer as if meant for them alone.  

      The moiré sign above has no moving parts, however is visually interactive.  When a viewer walks past the sign, the background dots follow.  When the viewer stops, the dots stop, playfully mocking the viewer to get their attention.  When the viewer backs away, the dots appear to enlarge relative to the frame.  


The background pattern can be made to:

  • move in the same direction as a viewer’s motion,
  • move in the opposite direction of a viewer’s motion,
  • move at right angles to the viewer’s motion,
  • to explode (expand) as the viewer approaches,
  • to collapse (shrink) as the viewer approaches,
  • to expand and shrink, even for a stationary viewer, or
  • to spin.


Zooming Moire Sign



      This version of the moiré sign provides interactivity, plus even if the viewer stops moving, the background dot pattern zooms in and out to attract their attention.  


Features of all HinesLab moiré signs:



  1. The background floating dots are interactive with the viewer.  When the viewer moves, the dot pattern moves.
  2. The graphics can be easily changed in the field.
  3. The front window can be glass, or plastic and easily cleaned or replaced.
  4. Signs are built into wall-mounted light boxes.
  5. 110V AC.


      This is a technology announcement and license offer, not a product being offered for sale to end users.  Sign manufacturers are invited to contact Steve Hines to discuss a manufacturing license.






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