Gel-Prism Image Stabilizer

Gel-Prism Image Stabilizer


      Camera shake is a common problem particularly when shooting with long focal-length lenses, or hand holding long exposures.  image stabilization can increase the system speed by 2-5 ƒ-stops.

      This was a proposal with working demo by Steve Hines to Kodak in 1979* to compensate for camera shake, using an active wedge prism with clear RTV between glass plates, to deviate the incoming image.  *Sixteen years prior to Nikon in 1994, and Canon’s OIS in 1995.  



      The camera lens views the scene through clear RTV sandwiched between two glass plates.


How it works:

      Motion sensors in the camera actuate the wedge prism to refract light to maintain the image position in the camera.  

      This technology is not for sale by HinesLab.  This is shown only as an example of previous innovation by Steve Hines who now offers consulting in optical equipment design, as well as a variety of licensable technology.  




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