Adjustable-Color Theater Light

Adjustable-Color Theater Light




      The Adjustable-Color Theater Light, developed by Steve Hines in the 1960’s before the existence of colored LED’s, produces a range of colors without the need for lighting gels.  Each theater light replaces many conventional theater lights, reducing the theater’s costs through the significant reduction of lighting fixtures, and lighting gels.



      Light from the reflector projects through special polarizing material, produces a wide range of colors.  The light’s color is adjusted by rotating the handle to the desired color, manually or remotely with motor control.  The effect can be seen in the picture above taken of a transparent cigarette wrapper, photographed through the rotating filter.  


Theater costs are reduced:

  1. Reduction in the number of light fixtures because one theater light can replace many conventional fixtures.
  2. Elimination of trial-and-error tests of filter gels in conventional theater lights.
  3. Elimination of colored lighting gels.
  4. Convenient remote changes of the color can be made during the production.


            This is not a product being offered for sale to end users.  To discuss licensing, please contact Steve Hines at:






ph. 818-507-5812