Microwave-Weapon Defense


Microwave-Weapon Defense


Techniques to locate and fend off Radio-Frequency (microwave) energy attacks.

      Since 2016, American diplomats and families have experienced the “Havana syndrome” (causing headaches, nausea, the sensation of heat and loud piercing sounds, migraine, vertigo, ringing in the ears, and dizziness) in Cuba, Taiwan, Moscow, Australia, Vienna, and Viet Nam, all thought to be from microwave weapons created by Russia.  



Microwave Camera Obscura to locate the source.


      Microwave energy is invisible, and cannot be photographed or focused by a traditional lens.  The box above is the original camera-obscure concept, using a hole as a crude “pinhole lens”.  The microwave Camera Obscura, is turned toward the suspected source.  Energy will be transmitted through the front hole to one of the microwave detectors.  


      Once the location of the source is known, the personnel can be protected from microwave energy using corner-cube metal retro-reflectors, that bounce the energy back to the source:




      Corner-cube retro-reflector being formed with three perpendicular metal panels.         Corner-cube reflectors being attached to a panel.  Alignment is not critical.  The panel can be scaled to fit office or car windows, and can be molded plastic and metal coated like baffles under fluorescent ceiling lights.




This technology is offered to prevent injury.  Consulting is available from Steve Hines.



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