Microwave Home Heating System

Microwave Home Heating System


       This describes an efficient home heating system using microwave energy to heat metal strips in an air duct.  Air is blown over the strips to push warm air into the air ducts in the home or commercial heating system.  With the exception of pellet stove insert as heating fuel, microwave heating is more efficient and uses less energy than electrical-resistance, or gas-fired, heating.  It can be argued, however, that more people will be able to accomidate microwave heating in their homes over traditional wood pellet stoves and therefore is more appealing to the average consumer.


       Home microwave ovens are popular for their efficiency at heating food in a fraction of the time and cost of a conventional electrical or gas oven.  This microwave air heater shares the simplicity, efficiency and economy of the microwave oven.


Steve Hines’ lab notebook entry:


p. 37

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