Microwave Hair Dryer


Microwave Hair Dryer

       Conventional hair dryers use resistive wire heater coils that essentially create an electrical short circuit, drawing approximately 2,000 watts of current.
       Described is an efficient hair dryer using microwave energy that heats metal rods in the microwave cavity.  A fan pulls air through the rear screen around metal rods which are heated with microwave radiation, and out the front to dry the hair.  The front and rear screens, or perforated sheet metal, block microwave radiation from escaping but allow air to pass through.  The rod ends are rounded to avoid sharp corners that would radiate sparks.  The rods are supported by a frame, not shown, of Pyrex glass or other material which is inert to microwave energy and which can withstand the heat of the rods.
       This hair dryer shares the simplicity and efficiency of the home microwave oven, reducing operating cost.  


Steve Hines' lab notebook entry:


p. 38

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