Micro Bellows


Micro Bellows

for folding cameras


      In 1978 Kodak had a line of cameras that required an even number of mirrors (0, 2, etc.),  Steve Hines, in the Kodak Research Laboratories, proposed a folding camera with a 2-mirror support, covered with a heavily textured black rubber membrane to lay flat against the back when closed, and to expand around the open mirror support when open. 


      Above is a highly enlarged drawing of the rubber covering with a peak-to-peak spacing of 2-3mm.  The surface had undulations in every direction so that it could expand equally in all directions.  There is a similar stretchy material in the clothing industry, called “popcorn fabric”.


      This is the subject of U.S. Patent 4,279,492 assigned to Eastman Kodak.  This is not a product being offered for sale by HinesLab but is an example of engineering that companies might expect on a contract consulting basis.  Please contact Steve Hines at:



ph. 818-507-5812
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