Self-Billowing Flagpole


Self-Billowing Flagpole


         This is a technique for high profile ceremonies (at the Olympics, at the United Nations, the opening of Embassies, etc.) to keep flags billowing when the wind is not strong enough to unfurl the flag naturally.  

         An electric fan in the base blows air up inside the flagpole, and out vents.  Plastic spinners keep the flag from wrapping around the pole, and directs the flag to billow out in a natural way. 


Hines’ Lab book #2, p. 71


Credit where credit is due.

     After conceiving and designing the self-billowing flagpole above, a patent search turned up US Patent 7,017,510 issued to Baskaran Nair, which shared one element of mine.  However, the Nair flagpole causes the flag to blow in the direction when installed, for example North.  In my version, because of the spinners, the flag blows in the direction of the prevailing wind, assisted by the fan.


      This is a technology announcement, not a product being offered for sale.  Please contact Steve Hines with any questions by email, or at 818-507-5812.