Luminary Floor Lamps


Luminary™ Floor Lamps


      HinesLab Luminary™ floor lamps designed by Steve Hines for soft background lighting.  Made of white diffuser.  Each lamp is a glowing sculpture.

Luminary-Lamp-03-275p Luminary-Lamp-02-275p




      To construct, unroll the lamp and lift on the outer edges as you watch it trake shape.  Then, zip up the back and stand it up on end.  Each Luminary™ lamp comes with a lamp base, long cord and line switch.  Eight models to choose from, from 32 – 72 inches tall.  UL approved.

      This product is no longer for sale.  This project is shown only as an example of past industrial design by Steve Hines.  HinesLab currently offers consulting in the area of industrial design, photographic equipment design, as well a variety of licensable technology.

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