Leveling Caster

Leveling Caster



The Leveling Caster is a combination leveling foot and caster to provide maximize the stability while rolling and in the final installation.


The problem with current cabinet hardware:

      Cabinet makers face conflicting needs, to provide casters with maximum stability while rolling, and in the final position.  Current casters and leveling feet compete for the corners of the cabinet, shown below where red indicates pressure points.


    If the casters are mounted in the far corners, the cabinet is not stable in the final installation.     If the leveling feet are mounted in the far corners, the cabinet is unstable while being rolled into position.


How the instability problem is solved:


      The Leveling Caster is bolted to the floor in a cabinet after a hole is drilled to clear the threaded leveling foot.  The cabinet is rolled into position, and the foot is screwed down until the weight is transferred from the wheels to the foot.  

      The threaded shaft is tucked between the dual wheels of the caster.  The pressure pads of the wheels so nearly occupy the same position as the foot, that the cabinet is as stable as possible in both the rolling and stationary modes.


Hines’ original lab notebook #1 entry for this invention, p 124.


      This is a technology announcement from Steve Hines.





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      Following this development, a prior-art search turned up an almost identical leveling caster from McMaster-Carr.