Iwerks 3-D Camera Rig

Iwerks 3-D Camera Rig




Designed by Steve Hines at HinesLab, Glendale, CA


      The 870/1570 3-D Camera Rig is owned by Iwerks Entertainment in Burbank, Calif. and is shown here as an example of HinesLab design and engineering.

      The Iwerks 870/1570 3-D rig is rented to the movie industry for shooting 8-perf and 15-perf 70mm film for large-format screens.  The Iwerks 3-D rig accepts MSM-870 and Iwerks 1570 cameras.


      A variety of removable front beamsplitter housings are available to accommodate wide-angle lenses.

      An internal mechanism allows independent adjustment of the interaxial spacing (to control the amount of stereo depth, protected by HinesLab patent), and the convergence distance (to bring images off the screen).  

      The 3-D Video Viewfinder, a 3-D video assist, is also available which provides valuable information when shooting 3D.  Color monitors show objects floating off the screen, or breaking frame lines.  By using the remote control with the 3-D Video Viewfinder, adjust the Iwerks rig until the shot works.


Iwerks 870/1570 3-D Camera Rig features:

  • Interaxial: 0 – 4.5 in.
  • Convergence: inf. – 4 ft.
  • Independent Interaxial and Convergence adjustment
  • Built-in sync light.
  • Minimum focal length: 40mm on 8 and 15-perf 65.
  • Comes with a variety of removable beamsplitter housings.
  • Camera alignment: Pitch: 0.8°; Yaw: 1.5°


Adapters for:

Iwerks MSM-870 cameras

Iwerks 1570 cameras


Optional equipment:

BiClops 3DVdo VF_Calc

3-D Video Viewfinder 3-D Computer


Iwerks 3-D Camera Rig on location:

“Cirque du Soleil, Journey of Man”, Keith Melton, Director


© 1999 Sony Pictures Classics



“Siegfried & Roy, the Magic Box”, Brett Leonard, Director; Sean Phillips, DP


1999, L Squared Productions


“ultimate G’s, Keith Melton, Director; Peter Anderson, DP


1999, Sky High Entertainment


“Bugs!”, Mike Slee, Director; Sean Phillips, DP


2002, image Quest 3-D,  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337587


      “The rig has all of the features producers, directors and cinematographers demand when they make LF (large format) films.  The Iwerks rig has all of the typical HinesLab finishing touches like a rigid and relatively light-weight structure that provides for fast and easy removal of cameras.”  Don Marren in Stereo World magazine, January/February 1999.


For further information, see:

1999, Jan./Feb., StereoWorld, “Large Format 3-D Films: From Museum to Mainstream”, p. 18-20.


For current rental pricing, please contact:


Iwerks Entertainment

Burbank, CA, USA
ph. 818-841-7766


      This is not a product for sale or rent by HinesLab, but is shown as an example of innovation by Steve Hines, who offers consulting.





email: Steve@HinesLab.com

ph. 818-507-5812