Hurricane-Resistant Roof

Hurricane and Tornado Resistant Roof


      A safety upgrade that ties house roofs to the ground somewhat like camping tents that are staked to the ground.  This simple precaution gives your house a much better chance of surviving a storm.  When you learn of a tornado or hurricane, you will not have time to protect your house before the storm comes.  

      In a storm, typically first the roof lifts off, then the walls are blown down, and contents are destroyed and people can be injured.  By preventing the roof being blown off, this series of events can be prevented.



      “V”-shaped metal angles cap the ridges of the roof.  Cables feed through holes in the roof caps, and follow the angles of the roof down to concrete ground anchors.  

      This technique is simple, inexpensive, and effective.  The cost of anchoring your roof may be paid for with reduced insurance premiums.  


      A close up of the “V”-shaped metal roof caps showing pass-through holes to trap the cable.  Metal caps are made from bent stainless steel or extruded aluminum.        Stainless steel cables attach to turnbuckles and concrete anchors poured in the ground.  Bushes can be planted near the cables to prevent anyone walking into them.  



Stainless-steel cable strength:

1/8″ dia.,  300 lbs.

3/16″ dia., 650 lbs.

1/4″ dia.,  1,000 lbs.

3/8″ dia.,  2,300 lbs.

7/16″ dia.,  3,100 lbs.

1/2″ dia.,  4,400 lbs.

The appropriate size cable is chosen by the contractor for each application.


      HinesLab offers this technique as a social service to reduce personal injury and property damage from hurricanes and tornados.  Insurance companies are invited to promote, and contractors are free to start using the technique.  For questions, please contact Steve Hines at:


HinesLab, Inc.

Glendale, California, USA

ph. 818-507-5812