Hurricane-Resistant Roof


Hurricane and Tornado Resistant Roof


      This is a house-construction technique to reinforce roofs against hurricanes and tornados.  Once the roof is gone, frequently the walls collapse causing big losses for home owners and insurance companies.



      The technique is to frame the roof using “L” and “V”-shaped metal edges along the ridge of the roof, around the edges and in the crevices.  Steel cables would be attached to key stress points on the roof and anchored to concrete weights buried in the ground, using turn-buckles to take the slack out of the cables. 

     The metal frame can be exposed, or covered with shingles to give  the roof a conventional appearance. 

      The house would somewhat take on the look of a tent which has been tied to the ground with ropes.  Bushes and trees can be planted around the cables to prevent someone walking into them. 


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