Hopscotch Sound Recording

Hopscotch Sound Recording


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     This is a technique for recording sound on “silent” film.  Two monaural sound tracks are optically recorded within the width of the perforations (sprocket holes), and are staggered to hide between and hop over the perf holes.  

     Super 8 film is an ideal format for this technique because the perf holes occupy only 27% of the frame pitch, leaving 73% of the area to lay down sound tracks.

Hopscotch camera

Hopscotch projector


The controller switches back and forth between the left and right sound tracks to compile the original sound.


Advantages of hopscotch optical recording:

  • The sound track is recorded optically, without the need of the magnetic stripe, making this film no more expensive than “silent” film.
  • If creating a new format, the image can be widened, making use of the area currently used by the mag stripe.
  • Film without the magnetic coating is thinner and can be wound on a smaller spool allowing for a longer-running film supply, or a smaller camera.



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Hines’ lab notebook #2:

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