Holo-Box™ Floating-Image Display


Holo-Box™ Floating-Image Display


      The Holo-Box™ aerial-image display makes 3-dimensional images float in space.  Images hover dramatically in mid air, drawing attention to manufacturers' products at trade shows and retail locations.  The Holo-Box™ provides true 3-D, with horizontal and vertical motion parallax, without the need of 3-D glasses.  HinesLab is the primary patent holder of the technology.  

      Museums can offer closer views of what appear to be the actual art object, far better than displaying the object at a distance in a case.  The Holo-Box™ essentially removes the barrier between the viewer and the object being displayed, while retaining the protection of a locked enclosure.  

      The Holo-Box can project images through store windows, outside the store, drawing customers in the store.  The Holo-Box is ideal in theme parks and the lobby of 3-D theaters.  All models of the Holo-Box accomodate a turntable module (to display physical objects in 3D), or a video module to display video images, in front of the window.


Holo-Box FS-4365:

      The floor-standing Holo-Box model FS-4365 is ideal in trade shows and retail settings to advertise the special of the day, and in magic-themed restaurants to have a talking head (using a hidden camera) greet to visitors; also in video-rental stores to show movie trailers.  The 65° horizontal audience angle is wider than from any other floating-image display on the market.  Two versions are shown, for video, and for physical products on a turntable:


Holo-Box FS-4365, Video Version:


       The video version displays graphics from any video source, and is supplied with high-brightness display and speaker.  The video and turntable modules can be swapped in just minutes.  

View these images in 3-D:  The stereo-pair images above and below are reversed for cross-eyed viewing.  If you have difficulty viewing in 3D, try by looking at the tip of your finger between your face and your monitor.  Then notice that the 3-D image is at the same position as your finger.  Remove your finger and you are looking at the 3-D image.


Holo-Box FS-4365, Turntable Version:


       The turntable version provides a life-like image of objects placed inside under lights to display physical products in rich three-dimensional detail as if the object itself is floating in front of the Holo-Box.


Model FS-4365 Specifications:

  1. Size: Floor standing.HinesLab-Holo-Box-04-Audience-Angle
  2. Image height: At average adult standing eye height.
  3. Video image size: approximately 11" diagonal.
  4. Product size: approximately 11" dia. (turntable version).
  5. Projected image distance: approximately 8 in.
  6. Horizontal audience angle: 65°.
  7. Non-glare front window.
  8. Switches for lights, fan and turntable (or video).
  9. Electrical: 110 VAC, 60 Hz.
  10. With steerable casters and leveling feet.
  11. Rear door for product or video access. 


Counter-top Holo-Box CT-2260:

HinesLab-Holo-Box-05-Countertop-290p       The counter-top Holo-Box CT-2260 is ideal for displaying jewelry, watches, cameras, cell phones and eye glasses.  Every detail, the depth of pearls and the sparkle of diamonds, can be studied in minute detail.  

       Internal lights illuminate objects on a turntable which rotate or can remain stationary.


Model CT-2260 Specifications:

  1. Size: Image at standing eye height, on a store counter.
  2. Projected image distance: 7 in.
  3. Horizontal audience angle: 60°.
  4. Non-glare front window.
  5. Switches for lights, and turntable and exhaust fan.
  6. Electrical: 110 V AC, 60 Hz, 150 W.
Holo-Box-07-Countertop-arrow-300p Holo-Box-08-Countertop-image-227p
Click to view the video of Counter-Top Holo-Box model CT-2260. Click to view the full-resolution photo of the floating image.


Glass-top Holo-Box GT-60:


Holo-Box-10-GT-60-Left Holo-Box-10-GT-60-middle Holo-Box-10-GT-60-right

     The glass-top Holo-Box is ideal for conference tables and bar tops.  At concession counters in movie theaters, the Holo-Box helps sell drinks, popcorn and merchandise tied to the movie.  When a theater is playing an animated movie, merchandise from the movie can be displayed as if standing on the glass counter.  

     In fast food restaurants, the Holo-Box can be built into the glass-top counter beside the cash register.  Burgers and drinks can appear to pop up onto the counter to entice customers to buy.  In the example shown, the actual soda inside the cabinet appears on the glass top.



                Proof-of-concept mockup.            Photo of "objects" sitting on the glass top.


Model GT-60 Specifications: 

  1. Height: any (table or bar-top surface).
  2. Image appears to rest on top complete with realistic reflection in the glass top.
  3. Projected image distance: approx. 10 in.
  4. Horizontal audience angle: 60°*.
  5. Switches for lights, and turntable.
  6. Projected image size: approximately 7 x 7".
  7. Electrical: 110 V AC, 60 Hz.


Custom Grocery-Store Holo-Box:

     The licensee wanted a Holo-Box for use in grocery stores, with touch screens and coupon printers to provide discounts on advertised items.  This Holo-Box was displayed at the Food Marketing Institute trade show in Chicago in 2005 where it won the Retailer Choice Award for Best New Technology.  A news story about the trade show said it was the "Buzz of the show".


Custom Fast-Food Holo-Boxes:


      Holo-Boxes can be customized by HinesLab for use behind windows at hamburger drive-ins to tempt visitors to buy special meals or promotional items.  Items can be projected to just outside, or even through the side windows, to the interior of the car.

      *In reality, floating images cannot be seen unless they fall between the eye and the window of the Holo-Box™.  Due to the difficulty of illustrating an image hanging in mid air, the Holo-Box is illustrated somewhat from the side to indicate the position of aerial image seen by viewers from in front.



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  5. "Holo-Box … is the finest volumetric display of its type ever done."  Michael Starks, June 2004.


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       HinesLab is the primary-patent holder of the Holo-Box™ aerial-image technology, and licenses the technology to the following companies (a partial list):

Innovative Media Solutions
1st Flr., 5–15 Cromer St.
London, WC1H 8LS

Mas Dimensiones
Campos Eliseos No. 215-C          
Local C Polanco Chapultec
Distrito Federal C.P.  11560
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Hines' lab notebook entry for this invention:

Holo-Box-p99-100wp. 99


To discuss a license for the Holo-Box technology, please contact Steve Hines.

     The Holo-Box™ is being used worldwide in many retail and entertainment settings.  HinesLab is seeking additional licensees with suitable manufacturing and marketing capabilities to help introduce this technology to the market.  For a demonstration or to discuss licensing, please contact Steve Hines at:

HinesLab, Inc.
Glendale, Cailf., USA
phone 818-507-5812