Fugitive Stopping Technique


Fugitive Stopping Technique


      Police chases on the highway can be very dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians.  Police tactics to stop fugitives vary, from shooting out the tires, ramming the car, use of nail strips, or following the car until it runs out of gas. 

      Proposed is a technique that would provide almost immediate results in stopping a car, at minimal risk to the police or others.  A special police vehicle, fitted with a water canon, would propel water or foam slightly above and forward of the fleeing driver.  The water pressure and aim could be adjusted as necessary, initially giving fair warning, being increased as necessary to more than could be cleared with the wipers.  Limited visibility combined with the irregular drumming sound of a tremendous amount of water pounding the roof of the car would have a psychological impact that should create a very short pursuit. 

      If the fugitive were about to escape, 3M retroreflective paint, or fluorescent paint, could be added to the spray and easily spotted from a helicopter searchlight, creating something like a rolling paint-ball fight.  Only a small amount of paint would be needed before being smeared by the wipers to cover the windshield.  


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