Flash in Camera Viewfinder

Flash in Camera Viewfinder



U.S. Patent 4,279,488

      Camera designers try to keep cameras as compact as possible.  The electronic flash on consumer cameras in the mid ’70’s was approximately as large as the viewfinder window.  While at Kodak, Steve Hines proposed several techniques combining the viewfinder window with the electronic flash, where the electronic flash illuminated the scene through the viewfinder window.  


      The following patent drawings show several techniques where the electronic flash is reflected, or slid into position, each securely blocking the viewfinder to prevent any light being directed to the photographer’s eye.  The flash fires only when a micro switch is closed after the light-blocking device is in place.


Flash-in-Camera-Viewfinder-03-slide-anim Flash-in-Camera-Viewfinder-04-hinge-144p

      This is not a product or technology being offered for sale, but an example of innovation that clients might expect for future consulting.  


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