BiClops™ 3-D Camera Rig

BiClops™ 3-D Camera Rig



       The BiClops™ 3-D rig developed by Steve Hines for shooting 8 and 15-perf 65mm large-format film for IMAX and Iwerks theaters.

      The BiClops™ dual-camera rig is a simple, rigid 3-D rig. Cameras attach securely.  Wide angle-to-telephoto lenses can be used.  Interaxial and convergence adjustments are made manually.  The BiClops™ rig supports MSM-870 and MSM-9801 15/70 cameras.  Convergence settings are shown in a chart on the rig, or can be calculated with an available 3-D pocket computer.


BiClops™ Features:

  1. Interaxial: 0 – 4.5 in. to control the amount of depth.
  2. Convergence: inf. – 4 ft. to control the image position off the screen.
  3. Weight: 75 lbs.
  4. Minimum focal lengths: 40mm on 870 & 1570 cameras.


Adapters for:

MSM-870, available from Iwerks Entertainment

MSM-9801, 15-perf, 65mm camera.

Rental Rates: Please contact HinesLab for current pricing


Optional equipment:

      An optional 3-D Video Viewfinder, a 3-D video assist, is also available which provides valuable information when shooting 3D. Color monitors show objects floating off the screen, or breaking frame lines.


3-D Video Viewfinder  Shipping case: 25 x 27 x 35″

“Shipping wt.: 125 lbs.


3-D Computer






BiClops™ on location; “Encounter in the Third Dimension”, Sean Phillips, director.


Filmed with the BiClops™:

“Encounter in the Third Dimension” by New Wave Production.

* For further information, see:

Stereo World magazine:

Nov. Dec. 1998, shooting “Encounter in the Third Dimension”, p. 17, 20.


For rental information, please contact Steve Hines at:


Glendale, California, USA