Auto-stereoscopic 3-D TV

Auto-stereoscopic 3-D TV

(3D without glasses)




      HinesLab “3-D TV”, a 3-dimensional video display that provides true stereoscopic images, for several viewer moving comfortably in front of the display, seeing true stereo images with motion parallax.  


      Multiple images on a single LCD are projected to a rear-projection screen where they form the 3-D image. 


HinesLab 3DTV advantages over other stereoscopic displays:

  1. 3-D glasses are not required.  
  2. 3DTV provides lateral head positioning and look-around ability.  
  3. The 3DTV broadcasts are done with a single TV channel, or recorded and replayed with a single DVR.
  4. The device can be used as a computer display, video arcade games, medical visualization, or for air traffic control.
  5. The 3DTV image can be rear projected to virtually any screen size.
  6. The 3DTV is flickerless.  



      The 3DTV is economical to produce because it uses a single LC panel and conventional optics.


Right …. (Cross-eyed stereo) …. Left ….. (Parallel Viewing) ….. Right



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Hines’ original lab notebook No. 1 entries for this invention.

3DTV-ntbk_100-Pxl_Scan_p66 3DTV-ntbk_100-Pxl_Scan_p67
p. 66 p. 67


      HinesLab is actively seeking licensees to commercialize this technology.  To discuss licensing, please contact Steve Hines at:


phone:  818-507-5812