3-D Video Viewfinder

3-D Video Viewfinder





    The 3-D Video Viewfinder was developed by Steve Hines to provide valuable depth information when shooting 3D.  Color monitors show objects floating off the screen, or breaking frame lines.  By using the remote control with the 3-D Video Viewfinder, the StereoCam™ can be adjusted until the shot works.

    The image of the video is at an apparent 60-foot distance.  A silhouette of the front row audience is 28 feet closer, provided as a depth reference for images that come off the screen, and motion parallax as the viewer moves within the oversize eyepieces. moves within the oversize eyepieces.



3D-Video-Viewfinder-02-Bob-Gothro 3D-Video_Vw_Fndr-3_Anim_Around
Bob Gothro, director of “Dreamchaser” monitors a shot in Los Angeles, Aug.
On location for a Disney commercial at DisneyWorld, June, 2007



      Switches on the right side allow either image to be vertically flipped, or horizontally flopped, therefore the “Left” image from the StereoCam, which sees a reflected image off the beamsplitter appears correct and upright.  The 3-D Video Viewfinder is also a valuable post-production tool, allowing edited L&R film to be transferred to tape for previewing in 3D before printing.

      The 3-D Video Viewfinder is designed as part of the StereoCam dual-camera 3-D motion picture rental package; however, is available with the HinesLab BiClops and Iwerks 870/1570 3-D rig.

      The 3-D Video Viewfinder is also a valuable research tool for training, 3-D arcade-game developers, for schools doing studies in visual perception, for use by hardware engineers in determining depth perception requirements of head-mounted virtual-reality goggles, etc.



  • Video: BNC L&R, in & out, NTSC
  • Audio: RCA L&R in & out, speaker & headphone jack
  • Screen image: apparent 20 ft. wide screen @ 60 ft. distance
  • Vertical adj., monitor image: ±3 scan lines
  • Power requirements: 110 V AC, 60 Hz, 120 W
  • Supplied support frame fits into your Sr. Light Stand



  • It certainly impressed me on the 3D project, my first, that we did.”  Marty Mullin, 3-D DP.


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