Accidental 3D

Accidental 3D


     Sometimes, we come across scenes in real life, or pictures where there is 3-D information in a scene, as when store-front windows catch a reflection.  You can see the following pictures stereoscopically by placing a mirror at the midpoint of the image, and looking directly toward the image in the mirror.


      Lakes also provide accidental 3D.  The real camera takes one “eye”, and the reflected camera takes the other.  Lake pictures have to be turned and viewed sideways.  



Slightly off topic but also mirror stereo 3D:

      3-D information is available when photos are taken of reflective sunglasses, when there are reflections of common objects in the scene:

      View them parallel eyed, so that your right eye sees the reflection on the right side of the photo, and your left eye gets the view from the left.


      This project is shown only to demonstrate past work by Steve Hines.




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