3-D Photo Booth

3-D Photo Booth




Manufacturing License Available

      A 3-D photo pooth developed by Steve Hines to produce a 3-dimensional color photo on large-format Polaroid film, and vend a souvenir photo frame with 3-D glasses.  The booths are provided with 3-D camera, interior light, lighted sign, sample viewer, bill receptor, and a 3-D background which enhances the depth.

      The 3-D photo booths are ideal for theme parks, vacation areas, the beach, shopping malls, ball parks, etc.  This is not a product for sale by HinesLab to end users, but rather 3-D technology being offered for license to photo-booth manufacturers.

Photo Frame




3D-Photo-Booth-03-Folder-inside 3D-Photo-Booth-04-Folder-opn

Sample photos Lttl3DGlssSymbl
3D-Photo-Booth-05-Dana 3D-Photo-Booth-06-Christie


Photo Booth Backgrounds:

Standard Lttl3DGlssSymbl


Custom 3-D backgrounds  Lttl3DGlssSymbl  (Contact HinesLab about your requirements.)

3D-Photo-Booth-08-Carousel 3D-Photo-Booth-09-Alien
3D-Photo-Booth-10-Hollywood-Sign 3D-Photo-Booth-11-Sega-Sonic


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       This is a technology announcement and license offer, not a product being offered for sale to end users.  Photographic equipment manufacturers are invited to contact Steve Hines to discuss a manufacturing and sales license.




email: Steve@HinesLab.com
ph. 818-507-5812