3-D Mini Camera Rig


3-D Mini Rig



       A dual-camera 3-D Mini Camera Rig developed by Steve Hines, with independent interaxial and convergence adjustments.  The 3-D Mini Rig avoids the usual light loss of 50/50 beam splitters.  Compared to typical dual camera 3-D rigs, photography can be done with the Mini Rig using half the lighting for interaxial spacing above 1/2″.  


3-D Mini Rig Features:


  1. Interaxial range: 0.5 – 4.5 in. (adjusts scene depth).  
  2. Convergence range: inf. – 4 ft. (adjusts off-screen distance).  
  3. Independent Interaxial and Convergence adjustments.   
  4. Manual interaxial adjustment.  
  5. Interaxial and Convergence indicators.  
  6. Quick-release camera attachment.  
  7. Choice of 12V power by cable or rechargeable on-board battery.  
  8. Pitch adjustment.  
  9. Weight: 7 lbs.  


U.S. Pat. 7,948,515

U.S. Pat. 8,228,373


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