EyePlay™ Reverse-Depth Signage

EyePlay™ Reverse-Depth Signage


      EyePlay™ Reverse-Depth Signage seems to warp, move and play with you as you move past it.  Extremely attention getting.  A great way to advertise and attract customers.

U.S. Patent 8,336,238




A light-weight pre-printed plastic vacuum-formed sign. A vacuum-formed sign with clear areas to reveal updatable information, books of the month, etc.


      This patented EyePlay™ card is a demonstration piece made to fit a business envelope.  The fan-folded shape can be scaled up to mount on a wall, or support stand in a store, or for example 10 x 30 ft. for an outdoor sign to meet your needs.


      The signs start with the desired image, whether photographing an object or drawn in a computer, and printed on a folded shape, with the depth the exact opposite what the viewer would expect.  When the viewer moves laterally past a sign, the panels that would be expected to get narrower through motion parallax appear to expand in width creating a reverse-depth illusion.



      The effect works only when there is lateral motion of the viewer past the sign, as shown in the animation at top, or the illusion applied to architecture at  http://www.hineslab.com/eyeplay-reverse-depth-architecture


This signage technology is licensed to:

American Paper Optics

2995 Appling Rd., #106

Bartlett, TN  38133


Contact: Paulo Aur

email:  paulo@3dglassesonline.com

ph. (800) 767-8427

HinesLab seeks additional licensees.  Please contact Steve Hines at:

HinesLab, Inc.

Glendale, California, USA

email: Steve@HinesLab.com